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NAAD® Air Bubble Insulation can be widely used in various fields for heat insulation such as in PEB Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Live Stock Insulation, Building Insulation, Industrial , Commercial and Institutional & Multipurpose Buildings

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Pre Engineered Building Insulation

NAAD® Air Bubble Insulation sheets are used to cover roofs and walls in pre-fabricated buildings. No mask, no gloves, no additional protection needed, and definitely the easiest installation in any type of building compared to any other insulation. While in winter, it doesn’t let heat escape through the roof from inside to outside.

Poultry Farm Insulation

NAAD®Air Bubble Insulation should get a priority for all kinds of poultry, agriculture and other business related to livestock. It will also help to control the rust, mold, and growth of the fungus inside. Therefore, the use of insulation preserves the heating energy and provides more comfortable conditions for breeding groups. NAAD® Air Bubble Insulation will save approximately 40–50% of energy.

Shed insulation sheets
PEB insulation

Roof Insulation

NAAD®Air Bubble Insulation can give you multiple benefits including applying it over the roof as well as under roof insulation. The process of applying insulation material is comparatively easy as most of the housing roof as well as industrial ceilings have some access for caring insulation work.

Container Insulation

NAAD®Air Bubble Insulation protects goods from outside temperature, which can be used to deliver goods such as medicines, chemicals, foods, etc. It completely seals a shipping container from the outside and helps maintain a fixed condition for the transported goods. It also prevents rainwater from getting inside the container and minimizes condensation, especially at the door opening area.

Air bubble insulation sheet
Air bubble insulation sheet

Ducting Insulation

Ducting insulation is another insulation service that we offer to customers.With the help of duct insulation, we not only save on energy costs but also make your building more energy efficient. It reduces the operation of the ductwork and also improves indoor air quality. Because of its structure and high performance, it can be used in multiple areas like industry premises, residential home, aerospace companies etc.